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Do you have a passion for children with additional needs?

Lapapoe Partners are professionals and individuals from industries such as education, care and health.



Impact Meets Flexibility

Are you based within the education, health or care industries? Interested in making an impact and growing by working with families and children?


Apply to Lapapoe, Specify your qualifications and create your profile story. 

Pass Vetting Procedures

Once you have passed our 4-point vetting procedure you will be able to, specify your availability. 

Build Relationships

Fulfill the role required and build relationships.  

from start to finish

Lapapoe is with you the whole time! We work to curate a community of trustworthy, vetted members. We take time to listen to your needs from start to finish. 

You ask, we answer

Lapapoe works to build a community of caregivers and partners. Our priority is security and safety.  All parties are vetted and checked to ensure safety for the whole community. 

In order to join us, you must pass a 4-point diligence process. This includes but is not limited to an interview, background check, qualification check, and orientation. Specifically, these checks include the following:

Criminal History: Lapapoe conducts a criminal background screen on all Partners before joining the platform. This is conducted using a third-party background check vendor. We must receive the results of this check before applicants can be accepted

Sexual Offender History: Lapapoe uses the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) to screen applicants. This is the central repository used by Sheriff’s Offices. All applicants must pass this screen.

Licensing and Professional Certification Verification: Lapapoe also checks the licensing and professional certifications of applicants. Lapapoe uses sources such as the  Secretary of State Professional Licensing Portal, University Certificates, and University Recruitment Portals to conduct this search.

CPR/ First Aid Certification: Lapapoe checks the First Aid/CPR certification of applicants. 

Right to Work:  In order to ensure applicants have passed the required immigration and security protocols to serve families, we require applicants to submit a state or federal-issued form of identification.

Interview: We conduct interviews with applicants. This is to get an understanding of motivations for working with children with additional needs.




The needs within the role will be specified. This includes the type of partner they feel will best suit their needs. You are then able to select the role that most aligns with your skills and experience level. 

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