Parenting, it Takes a Village

Parenting a child with special needs can be challenging. Navigating various milestones, while also having time for yourself, can leave you feeling exhausted. 

You deserve a break and support at times when you need it most.

Join us, and claim your first hour off of services after booking with our Pre-Vetted Partners.

State your needs

Post a request stating your needs and the needs of your child.

Find your Partner

All partners are required to pass our 4-step diligence process in order to join Lapapoe​. You are able to select the person who best suits your individual needs.

Book your Service

Once you have found a partner that you would like to work with, select and book your service directly through our platform.


We are There for you, As long As you are with Us

For as long as you continue to stay with us, we are there for you and your child’s needs. All partners who join us have been vetted and must pass our diligence process. Continuing to book partners through Lapapoe has the following benefits.

You ask, we answer

We are here to answer your questions. Any questions that are not listed can be answered by contacting us.

A high priority of Lapapoe is quality, safety and security. We therefore, have strict safeguarding requirements that applicants must meet before joining us. This includes the following

Criminal History: Lapapoe conducts a criminal background screen on all Partners before joining the platform. This is conducted using a third-party background check vendor. We must receive the results of this check before applicants can be accepted

Sexual Offender History: Lapapoe uses the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) to screen applicants. This is the central repository used by Sheriff’s Offices. All applicants must pass this screen.

Licensing and Professional Certification Verification: Lapapoe also checks the licensing and professional certifications of applicants. Lapapoe uses sources such as the  Secretary of State Professional Licensing Portal, University Certificates, and University Recruitment Portals to conduct this search.

CPR/ First Aid Certification: Lapapoe checks the First Aid/CPR certification of applicants. 

Right to Work:  In order to ensure applicants have passed the required immigration and security protocols to serve families, we require applicants to submit a state or federal-issued form of identification.

Interview: We conduct interviews with applicants. This is to get an understanding of motivations for working with children with additional needs.



The qualifications and certifications of partners are checked through sources such as the Secretary of State Professional Licensing Portal, University Certificates, and University Recruitment Portals 

Partners must pass all initial background checks to be accepted onto the platform. Any individual who has not passed the checks, will not appear on the platform.

Once a partner has been accepted to Lapapoe, we re-verify background checks every six months. 

Yes,  you are able to connect directly with all partners who have passed our screening process and have been approved to join us. 

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