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Benefits of Adapted Clothing

Benefits of Adapted Clothing Children may need special clothing for a variety of reasons. This can be anything from a need to reduce anxiety, sensitivity to everyday clothes or reduced mobility. For example, if your child has high anxiety, they might benefit from weighted clothing. Alternatively, if you have a child with eczema or sensitive […]

Daily Living

Support Feeding A Child with Cerebral Palsy

Support Feeding A Child with Cerebral Palsy Are you looking to make your child with cerebral palsy eating times easier?  Does your child experience challenges when eating or drinking?  For a child with cerebral palsy eating times may be challenging due to oral motor disorders. In addition, your child may have challenges with drinking, swallowing […]

Toileting autism
Daily Living

Toilet Training A Child With Autism

Toilet Training A Child with Special Needs Make the most of curiosity Some children may display a curiosity in toileting. This may display as an interest in the bathroom or sensory stimulation around the toilet. Observing this curiosity and choosing to train your child around this time can be beneficial. Children with sensory processing needs […]

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