Quality Care for Your Child's Needs

For those moments that you need an extra hand. 

The Right Care from Real People

Family life can be challenging. Balancing work, cooking meals and taking care of children can leave you with limited time for yourself.

At Lapapoe, we understand that children with additional needs require a level of patience, understanding and persistence

So we only source the right people that can offer the right care for your family!

Your concerns, Our Help

What type of care?

Speech & Communication

Do you have concerns about your child's speech and communication skills. View our curated list of providers.

Behavior Management

Managing your child's behavior can be a challenge for many families. We have a range of providers that can help!

Learning & Development

Does your child have challenges with learning and acquiring new skills?

Gross Motor Skills

Large movements like walking, crawling and jumping can be a challenge for many children.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are used to assist with areas like getting dressed, eating, writing and using small muscle groups.


Are you looking for help in the house, someone that can assist with childcare that understands your child's needs?

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